Termite Control Dallas

jquery7Termite control in Dallas is different than other parts of the country.   Our problems are consistent and the termite treatment methods that work depend on the area you live, the soil, the housing or building being attacked and weather.

There are baits, trapping technology and various biosafe methods of treating your house to resolve problems and prevent the return of termites.

Termite control products are for the special purpose of resolving termite problems and should be handled by professionals.  Our helpful and licensed pest control technicians understand the different methods available to fix the termite problems.

Baits – the use of termite baits is a maintenance tool for early detection and can be effective when monitored for activity.

Injection – Pressurized injection gets treatment down to the bottom of slab walls to kill arising termites and prevent them from building tunnels along the outside of the slab foundations common in north Texas.

Residual – The products we used are certified for residual action to keep your home free of termite problems.

Call us for our guaranteed termite control services.