All of our technicians are professionally trained to meet all your pest control needs. We offer a wide variety of Residential and Commercial services including:

  • One Time
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual Service Package
  • Customized To Fit Your Needs

Our Services are designed with you the CUSTOMER in mind. Using low odor pesticides, baiting techniques and exterior perimeter treatments – we can successfully control most outside invaders while keeping inside insecticide use to a minimum. Includes:

  • Liquid chemical mosquito treatments

We are licensed and insured to guarantee you quality services. We have the latest technology, equipment and treatment techniques. All our employees have passed an extensive background check and security screening.

Infestations of insects in residential homes and commercial businesses can not only endanger you, your children and guests and even your pets but also can give you a bad reputation, especially if the insects are ones that are traditionally equated with filth (cockroaches, mice, rats, rodents, ants, spiders and pigeons). If you have been seeing any one of these types of insects around your home then you can guarantee that there are a lot more hidden in areas where you cannot see them.

Your home is one of the single largest investments you will make in your life. Just like all of your other investments you need to be protected. When it comes to protecting your investment from termites and other destructive insects, EXTREME PEST MANAGEMENT guarantees a safe, effective and professional job every time. Through years of education, training, modern technology and years of experience we are able to provide your home with the best protection possible.


  1. INSPECT: We make sure we understand your pest issues.

    To determine the most appropriate approach for you and your family, we need a complete understanding of the pest problems. This includes an understanding of the pests as well as the structural and environmental conditions that affect their populations. Extreme Pest Management Services conduct a thorough physical inspection of your home as well as listening to your specific concerns.

  2. PRESCRIBE: The perfect solutions for you and your family.

    Our experienced technicians evaluate the pest conditions and possible treatment options. Using information gathered during inspection, we prescribe a strategy to deliver the results you need. This strategy often includes a quick remedy to address current issues as well as other tactics to control the source and prevent future problems.

  3. COMMUNICATE: Including you in the process.

    Our pest control professional always takes the necessary time and effort required to help you understand what to expect from the services we are providing, educate you on the treatment options, and tell you what you can do to assist in the process. We invite you to always ask question about your treatment options before, during or after treatment.

  4. TARGETED APPLICATION: Implementing the plan in a responsible way.

    The treatment strategy may consist of: non-chemical monitors, sealing up pest entry points, reducing food and water sources, using a Webster broom to remove accessible cobwebs, vacuuming dead insects and rodent droppings, and targeted applications to eliminate existing infestations. When chemical applications are required, our experienced pest management professionals are trained to apply the right product in the right place in the right quantity to solve the problem.

  5. FOLLOW-UP: Count on us to keep your house pest-free.

    Pest Management is a process, not just a one-time event. Follow-up allows us to ensure that you are satisfied with the results during all phases of the process, the initial service and into the future.